No Vacancy Signs Posted Across Southwest Nebraska


Chances are while driving the roads, you will see some orange out there. Travelers from all across the nation are visiting Nebraska this week for firearm deer season, but some hunters are having trouble finding a place to stay.

"This is what I like to see. Full, full," Arapahoe Motel owner Vickie Bell says as she shows NTV her reservation book.

Bell is just one of the many motel owners in southwest Nebraska with full rooms. Due to firearm deer season, her business is booked, and rooms are full.

"I have guys come as far as Florida, New York," Bell said. Her motel sits right in the middle of all the desired hunting destinations. Because of Arapahoe's popularity, motels are clicking off the vacancy light all across southwest Nebraska.

"When the season is open, the first week of the season, they're not many rooms available no matter if they go to Holdrege, Lexington and McCook, wherever," said Edith Whitebeck, owner of Shady Rest Motel.

Whitebeck told NTV News Friday she wasn't even an hour into her shift and calls kept coming in asking for open rooms.

"I've had three calls this morning asking for rooms, and no rooms," Whitebeck said.

Although some struggle to find a place to stay, some were ahead of the game and made reservations far in advance.

"This is our reservation book and it, as you can see is full," Bell said. "Has been full since last year."

Motels say business will go back to normal in a few weeks.

If you are looking for a place to stay this week, motels recommend you call in advance.