Business Development in North Platte Moving Forward


Business development in North Platte appears to be heading in a positive direction, as they still continue to see room for growth. City officials say that over the past few months, new companies have come into the area, but the chamber hopes to see more retail-type companies.

Authorities say their success is based on their local economy which helps protect from the national shortcomings.

"We have a strong local economy with a strong local base. That protects us from the national disaster mortgage bubble. Having a strong base with the hospital, the Wal-Mart distribution center, and Union Pacific also plays to our benefit," said Dan Mauk, CEO of North Platte Area Chamber and Development Corporation.

Officials also report they are positioned for future gains, but they are ready to handle businesses who may struggle.

"There are always undeveloped companies who may have flaws in their business plan, and ends up being not successful. It's part of normal chamber development to help solve problems and to not have businesses fail," said Mauk.

A heavy emphasis on recruiting and attracting new businesses remains as a goal for the North Platte Commerce.