North Platte School Reconfiguration


North Platte Public Schools could be seeing some big changes on their horizon.

The school board has recently been discussing the idea of reconfiguring their middle schools. The idea is to put all of the sixths graders at Madison Middle School and all of the seventh and eighth graders at Adams Middle School.

"We'll be doing a lot of research over the next few months. We'll probably have a discussion at the board again in next week and then we'll probably break and go back to the board in the fall," said Superintendent Marty Bassett.

"I imagine we'll do some type of community conversation sometime again in the fall. We anticipate if we are going to do that for the fall of 2014 the board will need to make that decision by next December or January," Bassett continued.

The proposal has left much of the community divided since the school district currently has no bus system, and because it adds another transition for students, going from three schools to four across the district.

Bassett does state however that the reconfiguration would better align teacher curriculums and even out class sizes.

The school board will have to finalize a decision before the end of the year if they plan on moving forward with the transition for the fall of 2014.