North Platte to Use Smart911 When Providing Emergency Services


North Platte emergency responders will now be able to utilize an online program, Smart911, to aid in responding to calls from North Platte residents.

Smart911 gives residents the opportunity to create a safety profile online that includes information about their household that they would like emergency responders to have. The information becomes immediately available to the dispatcher that receives the 911 call.

"Currentlywhen we receive an incoming 9-1-1 call, we have limited information.That is especially true for calls from mobile phones," said Mary Ann Agler, telecommunications supervisor for the North Platte Police Department. "Havingmore information to better understand the situation is an immeasurable benefitto our call takers."

Information from aprofile can also be passed on to responders in the field. "Knowing what kind of situation we arewalking in to can help us to better plan our response to save time, andultimately lives," said Lt. Steve Reeves, of the North Platte Police Department."Knowing vehicle information can assist us in locating an accident, or knowingthere are pets on the property can help us provide a safe response for thecitizen and our officers"

Adding information about the layout of your home can be the difference between life and death for someone caught in a house fire. "Knowing how many people are in a home and where the bedroomlocations are can make a significant difference in a home fire," said NorthPlatte Fire Chief, Paul Peterson.

Smart911 is a nation-wide service that is entirely privateand secure. Citizens can create a Safety Profile at,by entering any information they want made available about themselves and familymembers, a residence, even pets. This can include data on medical conditions,disabilities and/or special needs, children's photos, home addresses of mobilephone callers, home utility details and emergency contacts.