Northeast Students Kick Off Bobcat 10K


Students at Northeast Elementary are taking advantage of spring and the warmer weather. Over 200 kids signed up for the 10K Running Club, in which the students have from April 3rd - May 2nd to complete a 10K.

The Northeast Wellness Committee developed this Bobcat 10K for students to get active and take part in healthy competition.

"I just really enjoy seeing the kids get out and get active. I just really enjoy seeing the smiles on their faces and seeing them being able to accomplish their laps and the 10K. It's just encouraging for me to see them accomplish those goals," said Beckie Chamberlin, who helped put this event together.

Students take 20 minutes each day and run as many laps as they can around the block in that given time.

Parents also help as volunteers. Some say attending events like this is important in maintaining a healthy parent-child relationship.

"I think it's fantastic. I think it's a great motivator. If they know their parents are interested in it, and that it matters to their parents, it tends to matter to them more," said Sonja Jackson.

Over 100 kids will be running every day after school until they complete their 10K.