NPPD to Focus on Tree Trimming in Norfolk and Lincoln


NebraskaPublic Power District is making plans to focus on trimming back vegetation from power lines in the Lincoln and Norfolk area.

Tree trimming and removal is part of NPPD's everyday operations, but the utility company is making plans to focus on the power line right-of-way in the Lincoln and Norfolk area.

The patrols, done by helicopter or on foot will begin on Monday, March 18, and is expected to take threemonths to complete. This effort will ensure a reliable electric system whileprotecting the public.

NPPD officials say they want to avoid situations like the 2003 "northeast blackout" that left 55 million people without power across eight states and Canada.

"Wemanage trees for two very important reasons – to ensure our customers havedependable electric service and to prevent safety hazards," said NPPDTransmission and Distribution Manager John Humphrey. "By maintaining anappropriate clearance in the power line right-of-way, we can reducetree-related power outages."

NPPD'spolicy is to remove trees and other woody-stemmed vegetation within thetransmission line right of-way, as well as tall-growing trees located outsidethe right of way that could interfere with the continuous safe operation of theelectric system.

In many cases, this has meant removing trees in areas wherethey may have been trimmed in the past. NPPD will dispose of brush and woodresulting from non-emergency tree pruning.

Humphrey says landowners play an important role in vegetation management. NPPD provides information to landowners about planting the right trees in the right place to help keep the problem from occurring. Information on NPPD'svegetation management program and tree planting can be found at