NPPD to Disperse $250 Million in Bonds


The Nebraska Public Power District is planning toissue around $250 million of fixed-rate, tax-exempt bonds on October 15. The bond sale will include an order period for retail and institutionalinvestors.

Proceeds from the bond sale will be used topay for the costs of some generation and transmission capital additions toNPPD's system. The sales will also go towards refunding a portion of the District's outstanding GeneralRevenue Bonds. The proceeds will also be used to pay financing costs.

The bonds are expected to be issued in $5,000 denominations or any integral multiple, thereof.

NPPD has selected Bank of America/MerrillLynch, as its senior bond underwriter.

The bonds will be repaid over a 30-yearperiod. Those interested in purchasing the bonds should contact theirbroker or financial advisor.