NPPD Warns of Circulating Phone Scam


Nebraska Public Power District is warning customers of a phone scam targeting their customers that has spread across the country to Nebraska.

The scam involves callers claiming to be from the power company telling customers they are behind on their power bill. The scammers are able to change the caller ID to make it appear the call is coming from the utility.

The caller may threaten to cut electric service to the home or business unless they make a payment immediately. The customer is then told to send money via a prepaid card or using online payment services.

"We havereports of several calls already from customers who have been contacted by thismethod. We urge all who are contacted to call their utility before providingany type of payment to a request such as this," said Ken Curry, NPPD vice-presidentof customer service.

Customers are warned not to make any payments and contact the utility at 877-275-6773 to report the request. Customers are also encouraged to contact local law enforcement about any suspicious demands for immediate payment on their electric bill.