NSP Officials Hope to Reduce Car Crash Fatality


In conjunction with the on-going celebration of the Nebraska State Patrol's (NSP) 75th Anniversary, NSP troop area headquarters held open houses.

In Grand Island, Troop-C officials took the opportunity to educate those attending, showing the reality of accidents associated with unsafe driving.

NSP officers have a number of new technologies available to them; aiding the officer to readily identify dangerous suspects and contribute to public safety.

Troopers have only had the new system in their cars for five years, and Sergeant Jeff Roby said it's helped contribute to public safety.

The sergeant used the system in a recent stop he made on the interstate, to identify a man who didn't have a drivers license with him. After looking up a name, they weren't able to connect the photo they found with the man. Roby said "We knew he had given us a false name. We got a name out of him and he had some warrants for him."

NSP officials said these technologies slightly ease their job, but they still have a major challenge.

Captain Chris Kolb said, "Troop C, we stand today unfortunately 30 fatalities this year, 22 last year."

In order to reduce those numbers NSP officials attempt to educate drivers every chance they get, including the open house.

Kolb said, "Crash causing factors, there has been an inordinate increase in the roll over's that we've had, they're up about 50 percent." He added "That's why we have the roll over machine you see in the background here."

Sergeant Roby said, "DUI's are big everywhere-- that's one of the leading causes of our bad crashes, but we're still trying to do our seatbelt enforcement and seatbelt education."

Officials said they're sharing their interactive teaching tools and speaking with young drivers, because 25 percent of fatal accidents involve younger drivers.