Bergmans Sow Seeds of Faith on Holdrege Farm


Working in the fields is nothing new for Rick Bergman and his family. Five generations of farming and they aren't slowing down any time soon.

Raised within a family of farmers, Rick Bergman of Holdrege got started in the fields at a young age.

"I helped dad for years when I was in grade school and then in high school I asked my grandfather if I could rent an eighty of ground so I started farming when I was a sophomore in high school," said Rick.

After graduating from UNL, Rick got married and had four kids; three girls and one boy named Andrew who plans to farm once he graduates from college this month.

"We're excited that he'll plan to come back and we're hoping to start another generation farming with us," said Rick's wife, Julie Bergman.

Andrew will be the sixth generation of Bergman's to farm in Phelps County continuing their commitment to growing soybeans, white corn and yellow corn.

Rick said, "We're on a three year rotation, we own some cattle but we just own them in custom lots, we don't have any on our own farm."

However, it's not just farming that has been important to the Bergman's over the years, their faith and education have also been played a large role.

"I served on the school board a total of ten years, I just took a real interest in schools. My wife's a teacher and all three of my daughters are currently teaching so we've had a lot to do with education over the years."

The Bergmans have spread that education all over the globe taking mission trips to places such as Cambodia, Niger and Tanzania.

"In Tanzania and Niger, I've help out with some farm ministries trying to help them do more than just raise enough food for themselves, but be able to sell some crops."

"It's just so much different, so primitive and just the way people don't have things in those countries, it just really makes you think but it really makes you want to do something if you can," said Julie Bergman.

Passionate about continuing to help where they can, the Bergmans are planning a trip to Kenya next year. In the meantime they'll continue to appreciate all that farm life has to offer.

"I just enjoy all the aspects of living out in the country and hope and pray that as we work the ground and farm and sell seed that it would be honoring to God," said Rick.

Julie added, "It's been really neat to see the family connections and the faith connections that most of us have too has been really neat."

Hard work, dedication and a passion to help others makes the Bergmans NTV's Farm Family of the Month.
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