NTV's Outstanding Teacher Says Challenges Reaps Rewards In Career


An Amherst teacher got a special gift from one of her third grade students just in time for her retirement.

"She's so kind and helping," said Sam Bissell, the third grade Amherst Elementary School student who nominated Lindy Ratzlaff.

She was presented NTV's Outstanding Teacher Award at a school assembly on Thursday, and after 24 years, she'll be retiring at the end of the school year.

She says the challenges help her embrace the rewards of her teaching career.

"Every now and then I would have a day and say 'OK Lord, why am I teaching, remind me again' and then the next day is amazing. That's His reminder -- 'This is why you're here Lindy, because of this,'" said Ratzlaff. "Because every now and then, with any job, even the best time you're going to have some days like 'why am I here,' and the next day the lord says 'Lindy, this is why you're here.' Every day, every time it happens, not every day but every time it happens, so that's a blessing."

Sam says Mrs. Ratzlaff always gives incentives to help them learn, including longer recesses or a piece of candy for doing their best.

Congratulations to her for her award and her retirement from Amherst Public Schools.