NU Football Productive in Sunny Conditions


Lincoln, Neb.- The Nebraska football wrapped uptheir second spring season practice session on Monday, as the Huskers practicedoutdoors for two and a half hours in short and helmets.

Following practice, Tommy Armstrong met with the local media totalk about the first few days of spring ball and the need to keep the level ofcompetitiveness high throughout the spring.

"Every day is a competition. Anything can happen," saidthe sophomore quarterback. "Last year, my number was called. This year, Iam the number one guy right now and I just want to keep that, but like I saidbefore anything can happen."

The Cibolo, Texas native also discussed how the Huskers haveemphasized a simplification of tactics on the offensive end.

"We have a bunch of young guys and last year we had a bunchof complicated stuff and we were just thinking too hard," statedArmstrong. "When it comes to being a leader and going out there and makingplays, it's tough like that. But this year, we want to simplify things and makesure we are all on the same page and have receivers thinking one thing andquarterbacks thinking one thing. It's really easy."

Off the field, Armstrong has spent many hours in the film roompreparing for the 2014 campaign.

"That's a major key right now. Just staying in the film roomand understanding the playbook," commented Armstrong. "Just becominga student of the game and getting better."

Nebraska returns to the practice field on Wednesday for its thirdworkout of the spring.

Courtesy of UNL Media Relations