Nuckolls County Museum


You can see the history of Nuckolls County in over 10 buildings at the Nuckolls County Museum. From antique farm equipment, to a caboose, and to Superior's most famous resident, Lady Vestey.
"Even though she traveled all over the world, she never forgot superior and superior never
forgot her," said Gwen Jonson, the museum curator.
Vestey is best known for being the highest paid female executive in the 1920s, but she's not the only claim to fame that the museum has.
"Since we added Marquart Hall it's been a very neat place to come," said chairman Hubert Simonson. Named after Marvin Marquar, the hall holds one of the nation's largest collections of model airplanes.
"There's no one that's been here that hasn't found the plane they were looking for," said Jane Marquart, Marvin's sister.
There's about 3,000 planes here and they were all built by Marvin. A naturally shy guy, many of Marvin's friends didn't even know about his hobby. "If he could see this collection, yes he would be embarrassed. But if he were still here the collection wouldn't be here," Jane said.
Marvin was a farmer and made many of the planes in the winter. He never was a pilot and began the extensive collection after getting out of the service after the Korean War.
Marvin's display used to be in his house, but after he passed away, his sister and the museum thought the collection would be a good tribute.
"Even though he's gone, I wish he could see it. I think he'd like it," she said.

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