Obama's Defense Secretary Pick Has Many Speaking Out


Two major seats have to be filled by President Obama at the pentagon and CIA.

Monday he announced his picks. Former Nebraska Sen. Chuck Hagel has been nominated for Defense Secretary and longtime Counterterrorism Advisor John Brennan has been nominated for the position of Director of the CIA.

The nomination of Hagel has been a topic of controversy among many political circles and has some minority group leaders speaking out in unexpected ways.

Despite Hagel being doubted for his comments on minority groups, Rick Jacobs, head of the "Courage Campaign" and a prominent LGBT activist has come out in support of Hagel for secretary of defense.

Jacobs wrote of Hagel, "Let's be clear about one thing: no one trying to derail his nomination attacks his qualifications. Instead, they seek to score political points and/or act at the behest of powerful special interests."

Governor Dave Heineman added his own thoughts on President Obama's latest hire and said the former Nebraska senator would bring valuable military experience to the pentagon.

Heineman, a former army ranger, said Hagel's combat experience in Vietnam would serve him well in the position but did not say whether he would support Hagel for the job.

However, the republican governor says he's happy to see a Nebraskan fill the role.