Update: Officer Shoots Dog Living in Motel


A dog living in a motel was shot by Grand Island police, when it apparently attacked its owner and another dog.

Grand Island police were called to the Relax Inn on Second Street around 7:30 Tuesday morning, on a report that a pair of pit bulls were fighting.

The local humane society says don't blame the dogs.

Humane Society Director Laurie Dethloff said, "We have so many great families with pit bulls with children because they're socialized."

Dethloff said she can't fault police for shooting a dog that attacked its owner and another dog. She said it falls on the owner.

"To put two neutered males, new into an environment together, and a small room, just is trouble," Dethloff said.

Grand Island police were called to the Relax Inn. Police tried to separate the dogs, but when that didn't work, an officer fired a single shot from his AR rifle.

Sgt. Stan Steele said, "Dogs were already showing aggression, had become unpredictable, we needed to make sure the dogs didn't get out into the public, the dog that was shot was within three feet of the officer and continued to advance."

It comes the same day the city council talks about nuisance animal owners.

The Humane Society says its tired of dogs suffering when owners should be held accountable.

"That's one of the things we're most excited about, is the irresponsible owner and being able to do something," Dethloff said.
Dethloff said $15 fines just don't cut it, when many cities have bigger penalties. She said, "It's pretty common to see a $200 to $500 fine and so when it hits your bank account, it makes an impact and you want to play by rules."
The owner may have just gotten the dogs. She didn't get them from the shelter, but she tried. "Yes, we were involved with a discussion with her about adopting, just this weekend," Dethloff said.
The Humane Society told her it wasn't a good fit. They suspect she bought from a backyard breeder. Dethloff said, "She got herself and these two dogs in a situation that was catastrophic."
The Humane Society wants to make it clear they don't want laws targeting pit bulls.
They think the city council discussion tonight is on track, with an entire new city ordinance proposed to deal with problem owners not problem dogs.
The owner was treated by paramedics at the scene for a minor injury, but not hospitalized. Police said she appeared bloodied, but later determined the blood was from the dogs.
The second dog was surrendered to the Humane Society, where it will be evaluated.