Ag Officials Remind Cattle Producers to Report Disease to the State


State officials are reminding Nebraska cattle ranchers and feedlot operators about new rules requiring them to report a damaging cattle disease shortly after it is found.

The Nebraska Agriculture Department is working to limit the spread of trichomoniasis in the state, and State Veterinarian Dennis Hughes says it is the responsibility of the producer to provide the state a report on positive test results.

LB 423 took effect in September and requires a cattle producer or the veterinarian to report a positive diagnosis to the Department of Agriculture within five business days; report the diagnosis to their neighbors within 14 days of the formal diagnosis; and submit a completed Neighbor Notification Form within those same 14 days.

Trichomoniasis can cause infertility and miscarriages in cattle.

"Trichomoniasis can be devastating to a herd, and while owners of affected herds generally don't like to talk about it, communication allows other producers to reinforce good biosecurity measures," shared Hughes.

Producers with questions on the new regulations can call 800.572.2437 or go online to