Officials Say Preventative Flu Vaccinations Have Decreased Cases this Season


Various cold and flu bugs have hit some in the area rather hard this season with norovirus acting as a heavy hitter this year.

And while there isn't a vaccination for norovirus, officials advice avid hand washing and use of sanitizers to help keep the virus from spreading.

And while influenza is often a concern this time of year, especially for the very young and elderly, there has been a decrease thanks to early vaccinations in these demographics.

However those in their 20s, 30s and 40s have seen a higher number of outbreaks.

"The younger people who are not vaccinated were hit really hard. In one of our hospitals we had someone in their forties that was in the CU and was really ill," said RN Marsha Carlson with Two Rivers Public Health Department in Holdrege.

Experts urge people of all ages to get their flu shot yearly to help prevent illness and to help keep it from spreading.

Also high on the list for vaccinations is pertussis and meningitis, according to health officials.