Officials Urge Cattle Producers to Control Flies


Officials are urging cattle producers to keep a lookout for harmful flies hanging out around their livestock.

Flies can be more than just a pesky insect for cattle, they could cause serious harm.

University of Nebraska Extension expert Dave Boxler says ranchers and feedlots should try to control flies. Boxler says the fly population is expected to be fairly normal this year in Nebraska, but producers should still be on the look-out for harmful pests.

One kind of fly that causes problems is the horn fly. Groups of flies gather around cattle and feed on the blood around the horns and neck.

Stable flies also feed on cattle blood, but they attack the animal's legs.

The pest commonly known as the face fly can irritate the eyes of cattle and cause blindness.

Boxler says there are different ways to control each problem fly, so cattle producers should observe their livestock to figure out what pest they're dealing with.

For more information, contact your local extension office.