Omaha Banker Sid Dinsdale Announces His Campaign for U.S. Senate


Longtime banker Sid Dinsdale made his way back to central Nebraska and his hometown of Palmer to announce his campaign for U.S. Senate Monday.

"I believe I can make a difference by bringing some common sense Nebraska values to a Congress that has been at best ineffective," Dinsdale said.

With financial issues a major concern for Americans, Dinsdale as chairman and president of Pinnacle Bank – one of the largest state banks in Nebraska – Dinsdale feels he can bring a fresh set of eyes to our looming financial situation.

"Well I think one of the most crucial problems we have is our fiscal deficit, and I do understand finance. And I'd really love the opportunity to go back there and explore what we can do to make our financial situation better," shared Dinsdale.

A pro–life conservative who has supported many Republican candidates through the years, Dinsdale says he realizes he's facing tough competition, but he thinks growing up in a rural community and the understanding he has of rural issues sets him apart from the rest.

"We plan to hit the road and put a lot of miles on. I'm very comfortable going around the Third District 'cause that's where I grew up, is the Third District. Of course we'll work hard in Lincoln and Omaha also, but I'm looking forward to seeing all around the state including the Third District has to say what's on their minds and what they're really passionate about."

Dinsdale is the fourth Republican candidate to jump into the primary, joining Omaha attorney Bart McLeay, former State Treasurer Shane Osborn and Midland University President Ben Sass.