Omaha Zoo Decides Names of Five Lion Cubs


Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo has announced the names of five African lion cubs selected through a contest on the group's Facebook page.

The two male cubs are named Taj and Josiri, meaning "Crown" and "Brave", respectively. The females are named Kya, meaning "Diamond in the Sky"; Leela, meaning "Night Beauty"; and Zuri, meaning "Beautiful Flower".

Each of these African names was chosen after a public vote. Visitors to the zoo's Facebook page were asked to suggest names, and zoo workers selected 20 names from the more than 5,000 submissions.

Those names were then posted on Facebook for a final vote.

The winners of the naming contest will receive an annual zoo membership or renewal, a special lion-themed gift basket and a private invitation to watch a cat training demonstration with the keepers and a light breakfast before the zoo opens.

The cubs were born Dec. 29 and can be found on display with their mother and aunt in the cat complex.

Officials at the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha say five lion cubs were born last month at Nebraska's largest zoo.

The cubs were born Dec. 29 and one cub that had to be bottle fed at a nearby hospital was reunited with her siblings Wednesday.

Now all five cubs are on display with their mother and aunt in the zoo's Cat Complex.

The cubs include two males and three females. The cub that was isolated had to do so because she was smaller than the other cubs and couldn't compete for food.

Officials say the cub has since become stronger and more vigorous.

The last lion birth at the zoo was in 1994.