Woman Faces Serious Burns Following Elevator Explosion


One woman has been life-flighted to Saint Elizabeth Regional Medical Center in Lincoln, after sustaining serious injuries from a mid-morning explosion in a grain elevator.

Fire officials say the explosion at Dawson Feeders in Lexington is being deemed an accident. It was a misfortune that the owner describes as something he has never seen anything like before.

Lexington Volunteer Fire Department and Dawson County sheriffs responded to the call that came in around 10:30 a.m. Authorities believe the woman was burned from a fireball while she was working inside.

Investigation shows the explosion started near the top of the elevator; the same elevator that was constructed in the 1940's, but was now being used as a feed mill.

"It's an old elevator, so I don't know if it's something they can rebuild. It has major damage," said Dahlas Holbein, fire chief. "The fire was out at the time of arrival. We didn't have to do any fire suppression, and we did account for everybody."

NTV News has also learned that the owner of the feedlot has not made any intentions to re-build clear at this time. Fire authorities have taken over the case as it remains under investigation.

The Associated Press has also followed this case. Their story can be found here.