One Step Closer to the Kearney Vets Home


The state has picked the designers for the Central Nebraska Veterans Home.

The state gave the go ahead for Wilkins Hinrichs Stober to start designing the project, despite not yet having approval of federal funding.

Veterans home officials say it takes about 180 days to get a design ready. Once federal funding is approved they will be a half-a-year closer to having a finished vet’s home.

The design firm says they want to make sure veterans feel at home.

“Our goal is to serve those who have served us, and we brought together a team we felt was committed to that and I think it showed in our interview,” said Scott Stober.

Before they interviewed for the job, the architects made their plan while working with the group who wrote the VA Community handbook. Kearney Mayor Stan Clouse thinks he spoke with Senator Mike Johanns, and they are very confident it will be approved for federal funding.

“This is just a step forward to continue to move forward and anything we can do to help speed up the process and help keep it moving forward, getting a new veterans home built in central Nebraska,” said Clouse.

They expect federal funding approval sometime between August and February. The state wants a design ready as the feds give the go ahead.

Stober and his team are going to start gathering ideas. They will make visits to other veterans homes to see what they want to do with the Kearney site.