One Tank Trip: Pioneer Village


Over five million people have made the stop at Harold Warp's Pioneer Village. Some of them spending days to complete the full tour and its all conveniently located right off Highway 6 in Minden.

Pat Haight is the Pioneer Village Broom Maker. "You see an awful lot of history," he said.

An awful lot of history indeed. There is so much to see and experience, that in this week's One Tank Trip, we're going to focus in on one of the most unique aspects of the Pioneer Village. That is the buildings around the area named the Village Green.

"We got some stuff thats older, and we got some stuff that's newer," Haight described.

And inside one of the buildings, we actually made something new, with an old technique -brooms. It's something you don't get to do everywhere. Pat showed us a few tricks of the old trade. Which is just one of the great things about this place. Then he let our reporter, Keith Enochson, try it a little bit himself. But as fun as that was, there was still so much to explore. So it was back to the sidewalk, which would lead into another door to the past.

Mr. and Mrs. Rosseau came to visit Pioneer Village. "It's like a treasure box," the said. "You do one section and follow an arrow, and then you're in another section. And it's every place you visit is better than the last spot."

So for this One Tank Trip, history comes alive, and brings you quite an adventure to remember. Visitor Jean Woodson said, "If you only see one museum. This is the one you should see."

Fellow visitor Kathy Vanderlinden agreed, "It's just beautiful. It's perfect. It's what it is."