Ordinance Addressing Police Pension Calculations Passes First Vote


An ordinance attempting to tackle Grand Island's controversial police pension problem has passed a first round vote.
It mirrors the language of a legislative bill.
"Grand Island City staff in conjunction with the staff of other First Class Cities and the League of Nebraska Municipalities worked with Senator Mike Gloor in drafting LB 929 which was amended into LB 759 last week. That bill sets forth a definition of "sex neutral" and a method of calculating lump sum pension benefits on a gender neutral basis," said City Attorney Bob Sivick in a memo to the council.
The current Police Officers Retirement Act requires pension benefits be calculated on a gender neutral basis, but city officials say it is impossible to find anything but gender specific calculations.
This lead to a gender discrimination lawsuit filed by former GIPD Captain Pete Kortum, which was settled out of court.
During Tuesday's meeting Sivick urged the council to pass the ordinance.
GIPD Investigator Mike Nelson, however, asked the council to wait to see if LB 759 is passed before voting.
The council will have to vote again on the ordinance before it's enacted.