Osborn Receives National Endorsement


Another Nebraska candidate has received a national endorsement.

Tea Party Nation announced Sunday that they’re endorsing Shane Osborn for senate.

“National groups certainly have the right to endorse who they want. In some cases, that might even be contrary to what some local Tea Party groups want. But to totally ignore the local groups and simply come in and anoint a candidate is simply wrong,” said Tea Party Nation founder Judson Phillips.

In a statement, the group called out opponent Ben Sasse who has received high profile endorsements from Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz and the Nebraska Farm Bureau.

“Sasse has a problem that many of the candidates supported by the conservative establishment this year have. He has no track record as an elected official,” said Phillips.

Other republicans in the race are Clifton Johnson, Sid Dinsdale and Bart McLeay.

Democrats Larry Marvin and Dave Domina are also vying for the seat.