Osborn Kicks Off Senate Campaign in Grand Island


A Navy hero whose plane was grounded on foreign soil flies again and now Shane Osborn's sights are set on Washington.
Saying the madness must end, Osborn declares himself the man for the job, righting what he sees as all of President Obama's wrongs.
It's a long list, including wiretapping, EPA farm flyovers, Benghazi, and the Affordable Care Act. "We're writing checks we can't cash," he told reporters.
Osborn launches his Republican campaign for U.S. Senate as a small government conservative. He said, "What we have is a government that's grown too large, whether NSA, IRS, and anytime you have a government entity that big you're going to have problems like this." He would be the first who served in the war on terror to serve in the Senate. "Coming from the military side and intelligence world, I have distinct experience that helps in the Senate dealing with problems of Korea, Syria, Egypt," he said. "I've been to these regions of the world and collect intelligence and I think those experiences bode well for the U.S. Senate." Osborn isn't downplaying his hero status, as two crew mates from his Chinese surveillance mission back him up. "I thank God Shane Osborn was at the flight controls that day," said John Comerford.
Osborn kicked off his campaign rally with the national anthem, surrounded by stars and stripes at the Veterans Memorial Park in Grand Island.
The 2001 incident near China launched Osborn into the national spotlight.
In 2005 he was elected state treasurer. He went through a difficult divorce in office and he has remarried. "My wife Stacie and I have four wonderful children that keep us extremely busy," he said.
And the new Mrs. Osborn says her husband's run for office clicked in an email he wrote to her recently. "I can't sit back and watch the declination of everything all of my friends and I fought so hard for," she read from the note.
Osborn said he'll work to end party gridlock, but said he won't compromise on his core political beliefs.
He said, "We need to not forget America was built on concept of personal responsibility, freedom, and liberty."
Osborn says it's no accident he launched his campaign in Grand Island. He said he's from "greater Nebraska," specifically Norfolk and says he will focus much of his efforts outside Lincoln and Omaha.