Osmond Community School

      School Mascot: Tigers

      School Colors: Orange/Black

      Students in school: 81

      Students in band: 42

      When was your school founded? 1889

      Is your school consolidated? No

      What towns are your students from? Osmond and surrounding communities

      How many people live in your town? 769

      Years attending HOH: 9 years

      Miles traveled to Grand Island: 134 miles

      What songs will the band be playing this year? "Spano" by Cal Danielson

      Chosen because: It's an up-tempo selection that reflects the amount of energy and pride we have within our organization.

      Previous awards: Norfolk Lion's Club Traveling Trophy Best Band in Parade the last 4 years; 1st place in classes C and D at Norfolk Lion's Club and Lavitsef Parades in last 15 consecutive years; 4th place in Class D at Harvest of Harmony 2013

      Interesting facts or trivia: We went on tour to Chicago in Spring 2013

      Drum Majors or Majorettes: Maggie Kruse

      Band Director: Clint Dennis

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