Megan Buerer-December 2013


Why I think my teacher, Mrs.
Buerer, is the BEST teacher is because she makes learning so much fun and
sometimes lets us choose what we want to do in the afternoon. She likes
to laugh. She's always happy. She makes me laugh and smile every day. She's the
best teacher I have ever had in my life. I love her so much she is so AWESOME
AND COOL. And that's why I think she should be Teacher of the MONTH.

Carleigh Eurek 4th
grade at Kenwood


My teacher Mrs. Buerer is a
fourth grade teacher at Kenwood in Kearney. I think she is an awesome
teacher that everyone should know about. She is so nice and great.
She makes Science so much fun and easy to understand. She is great
at being very helpful to everyone. She is so sweet and caring. She is the

Dreidyn Cabanting

Fourth grader at Kenwood Elementary