Over 200 Sunrise Middle Schoolers Earn Achievement Recognition


248, that's the number of Sunrise middle-schoolers that have been honored for their achievements this past quarter.

The number break down to 98 6th grade students, 91 7th grade students and 59 8th grade students all from Sunrise Middle School.

This celebration is referred to as the S3R Recognition in support of the Sunrise motto "S3R" which promotes safety, respect, responsibility, and resourcefulness in our school. Administration and teachers take into consideration many academic and behavioral areas to determine those students that qualified for this appreciation day.

Students considered for this recognition could not have missed more than five days of school, did not have a fix-it plan or office referral, were working at their ability level with no failing grades, and responsibly completed homework in a timely and accurate manner. Further, these students demonstrated appropriate classroom behavior throughout the second quarter and followed the S3R expectations in all areas of the school building.

Additionally, the students that were recognized earned all of their Accelerated Reader points for the second quarter.

The qualifying students had a very successful 2nd quarter of the school year.

Recognitions will take place at the end of the third and fourth quarters as well, and Sunrise want parents to continue to encourage their student to work toward these future recognitions.