Over 20 Vehicles Taken Off the Road After Surprise Commercial Vehicle Inspections in Kearney


Officials found 240 violations during a surprise inspection of commercial vehicles in Kearney Wednesday.

The Metropolitan Aggressive and Prevention Selective teams conducted 54 inspections over the course of the morning and took 26 vehicles off the road. Officials say the reasons a vehicle may be taken out of service include brake or tire issues, or other problems that pose immediate safety risks.

Additionally, two drivers were not allowed to continue driving. One was taken out of service for driving under suspension, while the other driver did not have a commercial driver's license.

The surprise inspections target commercial vehicles that might not travel outside the city or pass through weigh stations as part of their regular routes.

Thiswas the third MAPS team event of 2013. The two previous inspections wereconducted in Sarpy County and Grand Island.

The MAPS Team consists of 36 troopers from the Nebraska State Patrol Carrier Enforcement Division with an average of 20-24 troopers working each MAPS event. Troopers check for compliance with federal safety regulations and enforce laws pertaining to weight, size, registration, dyed fuels, and permits associated with commercial vehicles.