Overton Celebrates New Veterans Memorial


One community in central Nebraska is celebrating Veteran's Day this year by showing off their new monument honoring the veterans. Dozens of veterans looked their names up on the black granite, some others looking for fallen soldiers all in an effort to support our veterans.

The families of the veterans are finding the names of loved ones as the town of Overton can now visit their own memorial.

"People started donating material, stuff, time and labor and it just all fell together perfectly," said Ron Davey, who was president of the committee that worked on the project and also served in the military from 1985-2010.

For the family of Cheryl Wolfe, whose husband, son and father are all listed on the monument, this will be a place of reflection now and for many years to come.

"It will be special for us because this is home to us. I think it's amazing what they've done with the memorial," said Wolfe.

Veteran Leo Mazanec says having his name etched on the black granite is a humbling tribute.

"It took a lot of work to establish this thing here in Overton," said Mazanec.

For other veterans like Davey, who spearheaded this Overton veterans memorial, it can be an overwhelming moment.

"A guy doesn't realize the things that the community respects individuals until it's 25 degrees out here and there's still a hundred people out here," said Davey.

The memorial is right off of Highway 30 so many passerby's will be able to find it with no problem.

It took two years to plan and build the monument.