Parade Float Sparks Controversy


An Independence Day parade in Norfolk is drawing criticism thanks to a float featuring President Barack Obama.

It showcased a wooden outhouse labeled "Obama Presidential Library'' with a figure in overalls standing outside.

The Nebraska Democratic Party released a statement Saturday calling it "one of the worst shows or racism and disrespect for the office of the Presidency that Nebraska has ever seen."

Executive Director of the NDP, Dan Marvin said, “We have seen many times when Nebraskans disapproved of the president, but this clearly crosses the line.”

Marvin continued, “There is a level of respect for the office of the presidency which should not be crossed. It’s beyond disappointing the city of Norfolk, it’s officials, and citizens would allow such a thing.”

Parade organizers said the float was the most popular one and received an honorable mention award.

They add that they didn't think the float was any more offensive than a political cartoon, and they didn't want to limit a political viewpoint.

The city of Norfolk released a statement following the event clarifying that they only issued a permit for the 39th Annual Odd Fellows Fourth of July Parade, and did not sponsor or coordinate the event.