Parade 'Tunnel" Closes for Construction


The sound of trumpets and drums echoing off the walls have been replaced by heavy machinery as an important Grand Island roadway closes for construction

We know marching bands can stop traffic, but they can also delay road construction.

Band members call it "the tunnel" as they march in the Harvest of Harmony parade, which took place this past weekend.

They love the sound of drums reverberating off the walls of the Eddy Street underpass.

Less than 48 hours after the parade, city crews got to work making repairs on this vital link underneath the railroad tracks.

Last year a study revealed serious concerns with the road, which is also known for its huge potholes.

Street Superintendent Shannon Callahan said, "It's an old structure and pavement is old and when things age you have to replace them and that's exactly what we're doing. We're taking out the oldest, most worn out concrete and putting new in so people can continue to use it day after day to get them where they need to be."

It will be closed for up to three weeks to give crews a chance to make repairs, although some drivers managed to miss all the barricades and drove into the construction zone.

Since it's a major way around the railroad tracks, they ask drivers to plan alternate routes.

Callahan suggested the Sycamore underpass or Lincoln Street.

And if it feels like they just patched up the Eddy underpass, they did some work on it a year ago and likely will for years to come to address several concerns.

Callahan said, "Funding is hard to come by to try and do a large project all at once so in the coming years we have a lot of vertical cracking to seal up, walkway railing needs work and as far as drainage, we're going repair pavement and see how it goes."

The work is being done by city employees.