Parents Denied Attendance at Son's Graduation


Four years, three degrees, two parents, and one UNK student. Unfortunately, that student will have zero guardians at his commencement ceremony.

It will be a tough time for one senior who won't be getting the experience many are able to have on graduation day. For senior Roy Machamire, it is a disappointment especially since he was able to attend a university. Going to a college is something his mother never had the chance to experience, and a level his father did not quite reach.

Machamire's parents are residing now in Zimbabwe, and wanted to attend the graduation so he started the paperwork of getting them here in December, but ran into a problem when the U.S. Embassy denied the request.

The parents had allegedly been waiting for eight hours to speak to a representative, only to be told "no" after a two-minute review of their paperwork. They believe the reason they were denied was due to the recent Boston, Mass. bombings.

Machamire says he is going to use this experience to find energy to do more, believing that life comes with disappointments.

"It's because of our country -- Zimbabwe. We have hyper-inflation, a lot of poverty, and a lot of bad things. Their scared people will come here, see their children doing well, and want to stay in America," shared Machamire.

A professor at UNK experienced a similar situation this year, and says he believes it boils down to criteria.

"What they are looking for is if you will return to your country, if you have strong ties to your country that will make you return home; and that's when you're denied and not told why," said Frank Tenkorang, UNK professor.

Machamire does plan to visit home next year to celebrate his graduation, and tells me that he will stay positive because dwelling on this will not change anything. He does thank UNK for their continued support, and he looks forward to going for his Masters in Pennsylvania.