Park Elementary Hosts "Un-Snow Day" For Students


Icing cookies, drinking hot chocolate, reading books...all things families might do on an actual snow day...

One Kearney school found a creative solution to beat the winter blahs.

"It's really fun because you get to do activities with your friends," said 5th grader Aleesha Willson.

Friday afternoon, students at Park Elementary were treated to that special time, as the school was transformed into a winter wonderland for an "un–snow" day.

Faculty and the Park Ambassadors for Responsible Kids decided to do something outside the norm of the student's routine.

"School may be boring sometimes," said PARK Ambassador Coleden Grassmeyer. "And just to have one day as a party day will help kids have more fun in school."

This event also helped students learn about responsibilities and teamwork.

"I think it helps other kids get to know each other, yeah, and learn how to be respectful and then they look up to you," said students Brook Anderson, Amelie Moore, Annalee Bauer, Madison Oberg, and Shayna Danzka. "Yeah, they know what they're supposed to be."

This is the first year Park Elementary has done something like this for the kids.