Parra Sentenced 25-40 Years for GI Attempted Murder


Prosecutors say he drove from Kansas to Grand Island intent on killing his wife, and now Jesus Parra will spend 25-40 years in prison.

Parra previously agreed to plead no contest to attempted murder, assault, and a weapons violation. Other charges were dropped, including accusations of child abuse.

The case stems from a bloody stabbing that took place April 2013 in Grand Island.

Hall County Attorney Mark Young said Parra drove from Kansas with the intent to kill his estranged wife. During the sentencing hearing, Young said Parra told police "it was his intent to finish his wife off."

Through an interpreter, Parra said, "Anyone can feel angry," and that he "did it in a moment of anger."

Young said Parra had a history of violence, including a child abuse conviction involving his daughter.

Parra also has a history of mental illness. He previously said his wife was trying to poison him. Earlier this year, he was previously found unfit to stand trial and sent to a mental health treatment facility.

The public defender said Parra was being medicated for his illness and realizes he must continue his treatment.

Young said there are many who suffer from mental illness, but are able to control themselves, and not attempt murder. He said it was appropriate that Parra be sent to prison, which is why he chose to pursue the case through the traditional court system, and not through the mental health process.