Many Out to Buy Health Insurance Before Approaching Deadline


Americans only have six days to sign up for a health plan during open enrollment under the national health care law, and local insurance agents are seeing a last minute rush.

The owner of Barney Insurance in Kearney says the number of clients coming in has doubled the in past week.

"I think people were thinking 'well maybe it will get delayed.' As the realization came and weeks get closer, we are really down to not that many days," said Dave Chally.

The company has six other types of insurance they offer, but now 50 percent of their work has been solely focused on health care coverage.

However, the company adds that a good number of people informed them they will not get insurance instead opting to pay the fine.

"They've just decided, 'I'll pay the penalty. If I need it I can just apply at the end of the year when the next enrollment comes out.' It's a risk, it's a risk they are willing to take," said Chally.

The fine for not having health care coverage will be $95 or 1 percent of the individual's annual income, whichever is higher.