Revealed: Pepsi Invades Small Town to Make Super Bowl Video


Update: 11:30 am Saturday, January 4:

Pepsi has announced a "Parking Lot Party" featuring country star Lee Brice for the "Get Hyped for Halftime" surprise concert in Milligan. The concert begins at 6:30 p.m. NTV will have live coverage tonight at 6, and will interview this performer.

Pepsi has invaded the small town of Milligan, as a top secret performer gets people hyped for the Super Bowl.

According to the village clerk, five Pepsi machines have sprouted up in Milligan, some powered by generators.

The pop machines are serving up free drinks, including machines placed near the "Milligan Welcomes You" sign.

Pepsi is the sponsor of this year's Super Bowl halftime show on Fox, starring Bruno Mars.

So with "half" as their theme, they apparently chose Milligan in Fillmore County as halfway between New York and Los Angeles.

York High School Principal Mitch Bartholomew said the York High School marching band will march in a half formation, in the shape of half a pop bottle, Saturday on main street in Milligan as part of the production.

It all leads up to a concert Saturday night by an unknown performer.

All of this will be shot by a video crew to be used online and possibly on Fox to promote the halftime show.

Bartholomew said parents met with producers last night to plan it all out, but said he's sworn to secrecy on some elements of the production. He said the concert performer may be a big name act, but he said he hasn't been told who it is.

Bartholomew said kids in the marching band and spirit squad were excited for the opportunity, even if the video is not on TV, it will likely be used online.