Performance Uses Puppetry, Kites, Dance To Celebrate Crane Migration


A unique performance celebrates the Crane migration.

'Flight-A Crane's story-uses puppetry, indoor kite flying, music and dance to focus on the crane migration and its connection with nature.

Event organizers say the puppets are a way to help advocate for the species.

"The medium we chose with puppetry, you have a great way of being able to show the movements of the cranes in realistic ways as well as many of the other species that they interact with," said IBEX Puppetry's Megan Boye. "But of course art is what makes life a little more fun, so it's a great way of celebrating."

Two performances of 'Flight-A Crane's Story' were held at the Merryman Performing Arts Center. IBEX Puppetry was created by Heather Hanson, daughter of Jim Henson.