Petersen Gets Life for Killing Ex-Wife; Jury Trial Set for Murder of GI Attorney

Michael Petersen

With the possibility of the death penalty still hanging over him, Michael Petersen gets life for the first of two murder’s he accused of.

He was sentenced in Buffalo County Wednesday afternoon for the murder of his ex-wife Nancy Petersen.

He previously agreed not to fight the charges, with a no contest plea.

By definition, the life sentence comes without the possibility of parole. So it appears he will spend the rest of his days behind bars.
Meanwhile a judge has just finalized plans for Petersen's jury trial in Grand Island.

It's set to begin august 18 and last two full weeks. The judge has asked for a jury pool of up to 130 people.

The judge also ruled that evidence of Nancy Petersen's murder is intertwined with the murder of attorney Todd Elsbernd, so the murder in Kearney can be used as evidence in the Grand Island case.

Petersen will be allowed to wear civilian clothes for his trial, as long as he wears a shock belt.