Peterson Senior Activity Center


A friendly game of cards brews at the Peterson Senior Activity Center in Kearney. Busy afternoons bring many out to enjoy their favorite game and fellowship with others.
"There's good people that come here and we like to play cards. We play probably five or six kinds of cards, pitch, bridge, pinochle, and euchre. It's just a great place to come," said Barb Merryman.
The center recently celebrated its one year anniversary at Yanney Park. A donation from Pete Peterson, funds secured by Senator Ben Nelson, and the City of Kearney made the dream of a new building a reality.
"Seniors really enjoy the area that it's at. Having the mix of young and old in the park at times is a good mix," said services coordinator Deb Eirich.
The Peterson Center sponsors many events and activities for people over 50. There are no membership fees, so many take advantage of the free computer classes, forums, library
and exercise room. The center saw over 37,000 sign-ins for their various events.
"Part of it is the nice open airness of the building. It's so relaxing when you walk through the door."
With everything going on, folks are bound to get hungry. The center serves lunches from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. every Monday through Friday and of course many leave room for dessert. For someone over 60, $3.50 covers the home cooked dinner.
"It's a great place to meet with old friends, new friends, and to get to know people," Merryman said.
Every deal of the cards holds something new. For those at the Peterson Senior Activity Center, they always know the hand they're dealt contains friendship and fun.
Most of the events at the center are free. They're open Monday through Friday.