Phynd Software Company Announces Plans to Come to Kearney, Bring 18 Tech. Jobs


A new software company is making its way to Kearney and bringing 18 new jobs with it, with an average annual salary of $71,000.

Local business leaders, representatives of the Nebraska Department of Economic Development, Gov. Dave Heineman and Invest Nebraska joined together Monday to announce that Phynd Technologies will be calling Kearney home.

"Phynd Technologies is a great addition to Nebraska's growing technology industry," said Gov. Heineman. "These new well-paying jobs are a key element of our Talent and Innovation Initiative."

Phynd Technologies will soon be launching a new information solution for hospitals and health care providers.

Critical information about doctors, nurses, assistants and others is often spread across as many as a dozen different databases that are costly to maintain, difficult to share and redundant.

Officials say Phynd's cloud-based technology will help institutions manage and share provider data, helping providers make better and faster clinical decisions.

Phynd founder and CEO Tom White began looking to central Nebraska for a place to put his startup company because of a partnership he had with Xpanxion, a software-consulting firm with offices in Kearney.

"I like the idea of starting a company in a small market that's linked with the University system and has high-tech expertise in the workforce," White said.

White was initially attracted to Kearney for its talent pool, but encouragement and support from the Nebraska Department of Economic Development clinched the deal, he said.

"I was surprised with their desire, interest and passion for me to come here," White said from his office in Kearney. "I felt like the DED listened to my story and really wanted my business."

Nebraska economic development officials announced Monday their plans to match a $500,000 seed investment from Invest Nebraska for Phynd Technologies.