Pile of Wreckage was Once a Wish


What now just looks like a pile of wreckage was once a dream comes true for a local little girl. The Make–A–Wish Foundation gave a playhouse to a sick Gibbon girl named Izzy but it was destroyed in Wednesday’s storm.

The play-set is a lot more than a place to play; it’s a type of therapy for the girl to distract her from a disease she deals with daily.

"I swing really high," said Izzy Warrington, who is almost eight. She swings so high she feels like she touches the sky. Four years ago her wish came true to have a swing–set all to herself.

"We got the play set a year after Izzy was diagnosed with Nephrotic syndrome, which is a rare kidney disease," said Jamie Warrington, Izzy’s mother. The disease doesn’t properly filter the kidneys. "My tummy starts to hurt," Izzy explained.

No treatment seems to work and there is no cure yet.

“It makes her cholesterol extremely high, she has abdominal pain, she has extra swelling, things like that," said Warrington.

After the storm, the play–set was the very first thing the family saw from the basement window and they wouldn’t let Izzy see it until she knew that they would replace it.

"We said it's okay, we'll fix it, so she wouldn't be heartbroken," said Warrington.

The piece she was worried the most about finding was “the sign, cause it says my name," Izzy explained. She hopes her next play-set will have the sign as well. She was happy the family was okay but can't wait for the new playground to be built. "I wish it was already up today."

As for her illness, she believes as she gets older it's not so bad. "I was sick a lot when I was in kindergarten but when I went to first grade it was like I didn't have as many sick days, which I didn't, so we are thinking that I am getting better as I grow."

Izzy has to take maintenance medications each day.

She's not the only one that uses the play–set. Although she uses it all the time, she makes time to play with her younger brother and sister on it.