Plans For Hy-Vee To Open In Kearney In 2014


By Connie Weight Twitter @ntvconnieweight

Social media sites are blowing up with exciting news; not about the Olympic opening ceremony, but of a new grocery store coming to Kearney.

The Hilltop Mall, Walmart, and even Verizon Wireless will soon have new neighbors. Hy-Vee is reportedly in the beginning stages of bringing a store to Kearney on the vacant property in that area.

Although it won't happen for a while, Grand Island store officials say they're excited to spread the news to their customers.

"We get customers in here all the time from Kearney here in Grand Island and not a day goes by that someone hasn't asked about a store in Kearney," said Grand Island Store Director Dave Blum. "And so I'm excited to tell them yes, there is some initial plans in place to put one there."

But don't expect too much competition from a store so close. If anything, this will help both stores in the long run.

"There's no concern, it's actually better for us to partner and team with a store that's so close to us in terms of promotions, advertising and some of the other things we do. It'll be nice to have a store close enough we can partner with." Blum said.

If approved, Hy-Vee's new grocery store, convenience store and gas station will be here in 2014.