Planting Small Seeds Made Easy


Carrots,lettuce, begonia and other small seeds can be difficult to plant at the properspacing. Reduce wasting seeds and timespent thinning.

Mixseeds with sand, vermiculite or other fine material to separate the seeds forproper spacing. Sprinkle the sand andseed mix in a shallow furrow, cover with soil, gently tamp and water.

Purchasepelletized seeds that are coated, making them larger and easy to handle.

Tryseed tapes available from garden centers and catalogs. The seeds are glued to a tape that you rollout and plant.

Or make your own -- cut newspaper or paper towels in strips. Next combine about 1 cup of flour orcornstarch with about ¼ cup of water. Dab this seed-glue on the paper at the proper spacing for the seeds youselect. Place the seeds on the flourglue and allow to dry. Once the strip isplanted the glue will dissolve, the paper decomposes and the seeds will sproutat the proper spacing.

Purchase or create your own seeders. Some seed companies sell seeders designed tohelp you plant seeds of all sizes. Oruse a salt shaker to evenly distribute small seeds.

You can also use a manilla folder to plantsmall seeds. Place seeds in the folderand gently shake the seeds onto the soil. Or remove a section of the folder and tape to an electric razor. Turn on the razor and vibrate the seeds offthe cardboard and onto the soil.

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