Platte County Appeals Court Decision in Police Chase Case


Platte County is appealing a decision made by a Platte County judge that awarded $1 million to a man involved in a police chase.

The case will now be heard by the Nebraska Supreme Court. The court will have to decide if Brian Werner, the man that sued the county, was an innocent third party in the police chase.

Werner sued Platte County in 2010, 14 months after a speeding car he was in crashed on a gravel road while being pursued by a Platte County sheriff's deputy.

Werner was left paraplegic after the crash. He argued in the lawsuit that, under state law, he was an innocent third party injured in the course of a police pursuit and was entitled to damages. The Platte County judge agreed and awarded him $1 million.

The County has appealed, arguing that Werner was found with alcohol in the car and drugs in his pockets and should not have been declared an innocent third party.