Platte Valley Medical Center Moves Location In Kearney


The Platte Valley Medical Center was in business for the first time at their new location on Monday. The new location is right next to the Kearney Regional Medical Center.

Officials said the decision to move was made during the construction of the Kearney Regional Center. Administrator Tom McLeod is very excited to be at the new location.

"A lot more patient friendly as far as the work flow itself goes and so we will be able to maximize our volumes and have accessibility to more patients," said McLeod.

The new design might allow the center to see more patients during the day and improve the chances of a walk-in getting an appointment.

"It will be more efficient for the patients, certainly more efficient for the staff and physicians. We're very excited about the aesthetics of it, very pleasing and patient friendly," said Dr. Scott Smith

The parking situation is also improved, with more spots closer to the building. Dr. Smith said this is especially important for elderly patients in the winter.