Platte Valley State Bank to Become First National


Same bank, new name. Six banks in a Nebraska–based system are consolidating.

Platte Valley State Bank will change their name to First National. Banking officials say their goal is improving customer experience.

They promise more products, and are putting an emphasis on local decision making.

"The community bank that we were remains. This is not a merger, this is not a new bank buying a bank," said bank president Mark Sutko. "It's simply taking an existing company, a Nebraska-based company, the largest privately owned banking company in the U.S., and just bringing six banks together so it's completely different. So the community bank we were we remain, but we'll only enrich it."

And while technology continues to evolve, Sutko says the changes will offer the best of both worlds.

"It takes those traditional pasts and keeps them and it combines them with the creative virtual world that's out there, so no matter what age a customer would like to do banking we'll have innovative new ways to allow that to happen." Sutko added.

The bank appearance and employees will remain the same, and the name will change over by the end of fiscal year 2014.