Police Following New Leads in Fike Murder


Police say they have new evidence in the Kelsey Fike murder case, but aren't releasing what it is. Officials insist her killer will be caught.

Police are staying tight lipped about the new evidence they say has been submitted to the crime lab. But they do say the case has not grown stagnate, and even think someone or a group of people might be covering for Fike's killer. And while they wouldn't say if they have any suspects, they say they are building a strong case that would lead to a conviction

"The worst thing we could do to Kelsey or her family is arrest someone who won't get convicted. You have to have a case on someone," said Lt. Mike Kirkwood of the Kearney Police Department.

Kelsey Fike and her dog died on June 17th, the bodies found after a fire broke out in Fike's trailer. Police say that's part of what makes this case so unusual, some of the best evidence was burned. But police say they continue to get new leads and information everyday.

"It's a frustrating case because it takes a lot of work for this to happen. We're working from the ground level up where you don't have a suspect so a lot of it depends on evidence. So that's what we're working on," said Kirkwood.

Officials say it is not unusual for a homicide case to take this long; it's been about five months. Police say it takes months just to get results from crime labs when evidence is submitted.

The KPD has three to six people working the case everyday, even on weekends. And officials say they won't rest until Fike's killer is brought to justice.