Police Investigate Kelcey Fike Homicide 6 Years Later


Six years ago 21-year-old Kelcey Fike was killed in her trailer home. Kearney police are working with new technology which could lead them to the killer.

Police have interviewed more than a thousand people in and out of the state. They still don’t have any suspects or motive.

When Fike’s trailer went up in flames the fire department put out the fire, not knowing there was a body inside. Their work destroyed most of the evidence.

Police say the fire didn’t kill her.

They have sent clothing and other pieces of evidence to DNA experts in Utah and Chicago to find new leads. This new technology has helped solve cold cases across the country.

In the last year, the department has received 100 tips regarding the case. Kelcey’s father hopes they find the killer to prevent another tragedy.

“Whoever did this is likely to do it again and it would be a relief to have him caught; knowing he won’t do it to someone else’s child,” said Randy Fike.

$30,000 reward flyers are hung up all over Kearney to anyone who can lead police to find out what happened to Kelcey on the morning of June 17, 2008.